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If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show that was set in the future. You may have thought to yourself at some point or another that you would totally want to have that super cool and futuristic high tech that they have in their homes.

Thanks to 21st century

 Because to the power of the twenty-first century, we now have a lot of things that isn’t precisely like what we see in Star Wars or Star Trek. However, it’s still extremely near to and comparable to what you’d discover. Anyway, with our own in-the-moment twists, we’re going to go through the top three most popular smart home gadgets that you can acquire right now to truly live out that fantasy of feeling.

🔶Ultraloq Smart Lock

The ultralog smart lock is the first step on our trip into the future. In today’s world, there is an ever-increasing concern about safety and security in our homes and neighbourhoods, which is where the ultra-lock smart lock comes in to help you keep safe and secure. The ultra book smart lock is a six-in-one key less entry smart lock with touch and go 360-degree fingerprint id, anti-peep keypad, and the ability to use your smartphone to auto-unlock your home with confidence. There’s even a shank to open option or the option to use a good old mechanical key. Control your ultra lock smart lock via Bluetooth by being able to lock unlock and share access with others you choose.

How to use?

So, if you want to see a log of who’s entering and exiting and when they did it, you can use the smartphone app to grant access to family guests or service people via a code or even an e key for permanent access specific dates or various periods of time, plus thanks to its 360 degrees live fingerprint id, you can unlock your smart lock with just one touch. If you want to talk about having multiple keys, you can store up to 120 fingerprints to use as different keys.


The ultralog smart lock is simple to install; all you need is a screwdriver to replace your existing deadbolt, and thanks to the ip65 certified dust and weatherproof exterior lock, you can rest certain that no matter what life throws at it, the ultralog smart lock will be able to survive it.

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🔶 Echo Show 8

Take a look at the echo show 8 smart home display hub for starters if you want to fully connect into your futuristic side and have the experience of converting your home into your own spaceship with you at the helm as its captain. The ogo show 8 connects to Alexa to provide rich stereo sound and vibrant graphics on an 8-inch 120 by 800 HD screen, providing crystal clear displays with every movie or person you communicate with. You can also set alarms and timers. show off your favourite photographs.

Check Updates:

Check the weather and traffic conditions before leaving, or watch news highlights and movie trailers. It’s like having an all-in-one television monitor with all the information you need right at your fingertips and a little display that fits neatly on your counter.

Thanks to Echo’s

When you’re at home, you may utilise drop-in as an intercom between rooms or broadcast voice messages to other compatible echo devices via announcements. You can also utilise group calling zoom and amazon chime to communicate with numerous people at once. Make hands-free video calls via the Alexa app or another echo with a screen. Furthermore, the Echo Show 8 allows you to control compatible smart home devices with your voice or the simple interactive display. You can also set up a guard in the Alexa app for free to get mobile notifications if your echo device detects the sound of a smoke alarm or even glass shattering while you’re away. Giving you peace of mind and the assurance that you’re secure anywhere, at any time.

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🔶 Philips Hue White 2- Pack A19 Led Smart Bulb

Have you ever wanted to be able to turn off the lights without having to get up, maybe set the mood for that special dinner date, or even have the convenience of not having to walk all the way across the living room to make the place dark for the big movie? Well, now with the Philips hue smart bulbs, you can control your Philips hue smart lights all with the touch of a button on your mobile device or favourite smart device.

Automate Your Home:

To automate your entire smart home lighting setup, you can control your lights while you’re away from home. Add crazy accessories like motion sensors and smart switches to further enhance your experience. Plus, you know that these bulbs will last a long time with a 22 year or 25 000 lifetime hour guarantee. They’re even energy star efficient, so you won’t have to worry about your electric bills every time you turn on a light in your house.

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What’s one of these cute futuristic devices do you want to go out and make your home seem like the twenty-first century are there any smart devices that we missed that you believe should have been on our list let us know in the comments area down below.

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